Extreme airtightness
Low stretch
Light weight
High tear strength
PFOA-free water-repellent resin in coating

Chikara Ripstop Nylon

High quality Ripstop Nylon resistant to wear and tear

Chikara is the Japanese word for Power. This matches perfectly with the fabric's qualities and performance. Chikara has been the leading ripstop spinnaker nylon ever since it was initially designed and deployed as a high-end fabric especially for the kite and paraglider market. Now Chikara is also the fabric of choice in many other markets where high, consistent quality and longevity are required, including the medical and outdoor industries. This is due to the high performance of the fabric which is the result of a subtle balance between weight, strength, airtightness, stability and durability.


Chikara– your ripstop nylon of choice if you require ultimate reliability, light weight and high performance that lasts.


Features:Chikara NylonMirai NylonIcarex Polyester
Light weight 41 g/m² 48 g/m² 37 g/m²
Airtightness +++ ++ +++
Stretch ++ +++ +
Breaking strength ++ +++ +
UV resistant ++ + +++
Water repellent     +++ ++ ++
Fire retardant NO NO NO



extreme airtightness »
extreme airtightness
low stretch »
low stretch
light weight fabric 41gm »
light weight fabric 41gm
high tear strength »
high tear strength
excellent ageing characteristics »
excellent ageing characteristics
good uv resistance »
good uv resistance
soft double sided pu coating »
soft double sided pu coating